Payment Gateway


A payment gateway is an ecommerce application service provider that authorizes credit card payments for various entities including online retailers, e-businesses, and traditional brick and mortar stores. Payment gateways facilitate the transfer of information between payment portals and front-end processors or acquiring banks. A payments gateway is like a physical point of sale terminal that you might find in a typical retail outlet.

Businesses use a payment gateway to protect customers’ credit card details. This is done through a process of encrypting sensitive information to ensure that it’s passed securely between the customer and the merchant, as well as between merchants and payment processors.

YapStone’s Payment Gateway: Powering Millions of Payments Annually

YapStone’s secure online payment options leverage the power of a PCI Level One payment gateway and payment processor to ensure that payments pass from customers to merchants and merchants to payment processors with a focus on reliability and security. The online payment processing solutions offered by YapStone encompass a set of robust features developed through years of experience as an industry leader. This includes reporting and the ability to handle industry-specific data and payment data.


YapStone Features:

Merchant Accounts

Start accepting payments today with a YapStone merchant account. We provide a simple yet thorough underwriting process and are able to enroll many smaller merchants online in near real-time.

Secure Payments Gateway

If you have an existing merchant account you would prefer to use, it can be easily integrated into the YapStone payment gateway, enabling you to minimize disruption to your business while still taking advantage of our other software and service integrations.

Accept International Payments

YapStone currently supports payments made in EUR, GBP, CAD, and USD. Our payment processing platform supports both merchant accounts and marketplace functionality across 14 different countries in Europe and North America, and payouts in your local currency of record.

Level One PCI Compliant

YapStone meets or exceeds Level 1 PCI Compliance, which is the highest information security standard level set forth in the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). We take the protection of consumer payment card and banking data very seriously.

Custom Payment Configurations

With YapStone you can also accept service fee payments, enabling you to manage costs in whichever way is most effective for your business. Our payment processing platform also supports business models which include tipping, gratuity, incidentals, and shared/split payments.

Line-Item Settlement & Remittance

With YapStone, 2-day payouts are standard. We also offer a check-in payment service for marketplace partners, the ability to assign settlement bank accounts by invoice line-item, and convenient remittance functionality for paying out vendors or contractors.

Dynamic Bank Statement Descriptors

Avoid confusing your customers by customizing the transaction description that appears on their credit card and bank statements.

Flexible Billing and Fee Configurations

Selectively choose how to apply fees based on both the method of payment and the channel you accept it in. We can also mirror your current accounting structure and reconciliation process, providing an easy way to assign funding and payout responsibility across multiple bank accounts and/or invoices.

A wide range of companies rely on our payment gateway to keep commerce flowing, from international online marketplaces to specific vertical markets that includes apartment rentals, vacation rentals, and non-profits. Considering we process 8-billion dollars in electronic payments a year, you could say our payment gateway is wide open and ready to receive.

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