Payment Solutions

Payment Solutions in the Digital Age

Companies can now enjoy new levels of convenience with electronic payment solutions. Indeed, being able to accept payments digitally via a range of payment methods such as credit and debit cards, direct debits, bank transfers, and online real-time bank transfers makes doing business that much easier and allows companies to focus on what they do best.

In order to offer companies this kind of convenience, payment service providers connect to multiple acquiring banks, credit cards, and payment networks. The providers then manage technical connections and relationships with external networks and bank accounts, which decreases reliance on financial institutions.

Is there a Payment Solution for Check Dominated Industries?

YapStone has 17 years’ experience offering payment solutions to companies working in industries where the paper check is still ubiquitous. We provide customizable, scalable, and flexible payment solutions backed by vertical expertise that’s second to none. YapStone simplifies how you receive payments, and in turn makes the process easier for your customers. This leads to an appreciative customer base and a decrease in attrition. And of course, it doesn’t hurt that you’re freed from the inconvenience of paper checks.

One Platform. Many Solutions.

At YapStone, our technology adapts to meet our partners’ business needs. It’s our contention that a one-size, fits-all payment solution is not a solution at all. That’s why we specialize in designing complete industry specific payment solutions:


Designed specifically for the multi-family housing (apartment rental) industry, RentPayment makes it simple to accept and pay rent. With more than 21,000 partners, the RentPayment online payment solution powers electronic payments for enterprise level property management companies, landlords, property managers, and renters.


The DuesPayment online payment processing solution brings electronic payment convenience to homeowner associations and their members.


As the industry leader in processing online donations for faith-based and non-profit organizations, ParishPay’s online payment processing solution makes it simple for over 6,000 parishes and their parishioners to give back.


The StorageRentPayment online payment processing solution makes it easy for self-storage facilities and their customers to benefit from the convenience of electronic payments.


VacationRentPayment offers one of the most innovative and integrated online payment processing solutions available today. VacationRentPayment powers payments for over 300,000 vacation rental properties.


The InnPayment electronic payment solution makes it easy for inns and B&Bs to receive electronic payments from their guests.

Why Rely on Payment Solutions from YapStone?

YapStone offers payment solutions for an assortment of large enterprises, small businesses, and startup companies that value the fact that we regard them as partners rather than customers. Our commitment to nurturing business relationships combined with our years of experience in multiple industries means companies can rely on us no matter their size.

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