Mobile Payment Gateway


A mobile payment gateway is an ecommerce application service provider that authorizes mobile credit card payments for various entities including online retailers and e-businesses. Mobile payment gateways aid in the transfer of information between payment portals and front-end processors or acquiring banks. A mobile payments gateway is like a physical point of sale terminal that can be found in a typical brick and mortar store.

Companies use mobile payment gateways to protect customer credit card information through a process of encrypting sensitive information. This ensures that the data is passed securely between customers and merchants, and between merchants and payment processors.

YapStone’s Mobile Payment Gateway:  Powering Millions of Payments Annually

YapStone’s secure mobile payment options leverage the power of a PCI level one payment gateway and payment processor to make sure that payments move from customers to merchants and merchants to payment processors safely and securely. The mobile payment processing solutions offered by YapStone encompass a set of powerful features developed over the past 15 years, including reporting and the ability to handle industry-specific data and payment data.

How Does Mobile Payment Processing Work? *

There are a series of steps that occur when processing mobile credit or debit card transactions:

Step 1: User Initiates Online Payment Via Mobile Phone 

A user signs in to a YapStone payment solution on a mobile device in order to pay rent, HOA dues, vacation home rental charges, inn charges, or a church donation. After choosing credit card or debit card as the payment method, the user provides their name, credit or debit card information, and billing address, and then submits a payment.

Step 2: YapStone to Payment Processor

YapStone forwards transaction details to its payment processor through a dedicated link, which is monitored 24×7 to ensure that mobile payment processing is not interrupted.

Step 3: Payment Processor to Card Networks to Card Issuing Bank

The payment processor validates the transaction details by sending them through the credit/debit card networks (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover). The networks then send them to the card-issuing bank to be authorized.

Step 4: Card Issuing Bank

The user’s card-issuing bank approves or denies the transaction depending on the card status and if the transaction is within the cardholder credit limit.

Step 5: Payment Processor to Credit Card Networks to YapStone

If the payment is approved, the card issuer charges the user and sends the funds to the card networks less fees to cover costs like credit risk and rewards. The card networks then send back the approved transaction status to the payment processor, that then turn informs YapStone who passes on the funds, minus the applicable fees.

Step 6: YapStone to User

YapStone notifies the user if the transaction is approved or denied via the mobile device interface. If payment is denied, YapStone’s mobile payment gateway notifies the mobile site or app and due to the fact that the card issuer did not authorize the transaction, no further action takes place.

Step 7: YapStone to Merchant

At this point, YapStone sends funds to the merchant bank account. Funds are normally received in one to two business days. A receipt is then emailed to the user and payment notifications are sent to the merchant. In addition, detailed YapStone merchant reports are updated in real-time. These include the Transaction Activity Report, Batch Reconciliation Report and Transaction Summary Report.

*Not all mobile payment processing follows this flow. There are several options offered by YapStone.


YapStone: Mobile Credit Card and Debit Card Processing

YapStone’s mobile payment processing solutions contain an advanced feature set that simplifies the acceptance of credit and debit card payments. We work with a wide range of top companies, big and small, who value our deep knowledge of the industries in which we work, our sophisticated payment and risk management platform, and the cache we’ve amassed from processing 8-billion dollars in electronic payments annually.

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