Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments on the Rise

Payment services operated under financial regulation and performed via a mobile device are generally referred to as mobile payments. Consumers are able to use a mobile phone to pay for a various services and products instead of paying with cash, check or a physical credit or debit card. In spite of the long history of non-coin-based currency systems, only recently has the technology to support these mobile payment systems become widely available.

As we move headlong into the digital age, mobile payment companies are proliferating and mobile payment is being adopted globally in different ways. Financial institutions, credit card companies, and Internet companies are implementing mobile payment solutions at a rapid rate.


Ways to Accept Mobile Payments

Credit Card

Customers can use credit cards as a mobile method of payment for goods and services based on their commitment to pay in the future. To accept mobile payment via credit cards, merchants engage the services of credit card processing providers.

Debit Card

Debit cards or check cards, are a convenient payment method for consumers who want an easy way to pay for products and services using a mobile device. Instead of using cash, debit cardholders are able to make payments to merchants who accept payment via debit cards. In order to receive payments via mobile devices from consumers using debit cards, merchants use the services of debit card processing providers.


ACH or Automated Clearing House, uses debit transfers or electronic credits that enable consumers to pay for goods and services from their bank accounts using their phones. Many payment processors provide the option of ACH via mobile devices as a convenient method of payment for monthly and subscription-based transactions.


Accepting Mobile Payments in Check Dominated Industries

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Why work with YapStone to accept mobile payments?

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