Frequently Asked Questions

Does YapStone support software integration?

YapStone provides and builds software integrations for partners in the industries we serve. For over a decade, YapStone’s proprietary API has the distinction of being the most preferred integration type.

What is tokenization?

Tokenization is a process that secures credit card information by removing card numbers from the transaction flow and replacing them with benign alphanumeric representations called “tokens.” The YapStone payment platform offers tokenization for electronic payments.

Does YapStone offer mobile solutions?

YapStone offers mobile payment products for the industries we serve and is consistently adding features to our payment platform.

I have my own site, can YapStone’s payment solution be embedded?

YapStone supports an iFrame solution, which allows our virtual terminal to be embedded in a web page.

Can I use YapStone’s gateway even if I currently use another service provider?

Yes, YapStone’s gateway supports other payment processors.