Frequently Asked Questions

What is PCI compliance?

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) established a proprietary set of information and security standards for all organizations that handle cardholder information. Technological compliance can be obtained through adhering to PCI Data Security Standards in software design, policies, network security and protective measures. Compliance through practice simply means never exposing sensitive cardholder data. Protective measures such as tokenization and encryption can ensure this. As a leading payments company, YapStone adheres to the PCI standards.

Is YapStone PCI compliant?

YapStone maintains PCI DSS compliance for providers in the highest category.

Can YapStone help me reconcile my deposits?

Yes, YapStone’s platform can track transactions in real time and reconcile deposits to your bank account using robust reporting tools made available through the YapStone payment gateway.

Does YapStone provide chargeback support?

While other companies outsource chargeback disputes, YapStone offers merchant safety and advocacy in the form of an in-house Chargeback Protection Program backed by a specialized team of arbitration specialists.

What are YapStone’s support hours?

YapStone offers customer support 7 days a week, from 5am PST to 9pm PST: (866) 289-5977.

What other customer support does YapStone offer?

YapStone also offers customer support through Zendesk, our customized online solution.