Frequently Asked Questions

What is YapStone?

YapStone is a sophisticated web-based and mobile payments platform that is changing how the world pays. Our payments platform makes electronic payments convenient for global online marketplaces and large industries in the vacation and rental markets. YapStone also provides turnkey transaction solutions for third-party developers to process online payments.

What types of companies work with YapStone?

YapStone specializes in processing online payments for global online marketplaces and large industries. For example, YapStone powers payments for HomeAway™, the world’s largest online marketplace for vacation rentals. YapStone also powers payments for thousands of partners in the apartment rental industry, vacation rental industry, storage unit industry, HOA community industry and non-profit industry.

Who can use YapStone?

Because the YapStone payment platform is flexible, scaleable and customizable, it can be leveraged by all types of industries and businesses, large and small. Today, our partners include global online vacation marketplaces, property management companies, property managers, software providers, and faith-based organizations.

Is YapStone a payment processor?

YapStone is a payments processor. We underwrite and provide credit and debit card acceptance, as well as eCheck/ACH services to our partners.

Is YapStone a payment gateway?

YapStone has multiple payment interfaces, including our own gateway, API and iFrame solution. YapStone’s gateway is certified for multiple platforms.

How can YapStone be both a payment processor and payment gateway?

YapStone is a unique technology company. We built and support our own payments gateway. Additionally, we provide gateway and processing services to partners who need both. Our capability as both a payment processor and a payment gateway allows YapStone to deliver the convenience of a turnkey solution for all services related to electronic payments – technological, operational and financial.

Does YapStone act as the merchant of record?

YapStone has the flexibility to act as merchant-of-record (with flexibility on payout support to sub-merchants) or to support both marketplaces and large individual clients that would prefer their own merchant accounts.

What makes YapStone different to other payment processors?

YapStone powers payments for large industries that historically have not had the option of electronic payments, either because a) the industries accept paper checks as the predominant form of payment,  b) the business rules/requirements surrounding the payment make the verticals too “hard” for a one-size-fits-all provider, or c) because the industries are so fragmented that it didn’t make sense for large payment providers to serve those merchants (credit card payments for landlords is a prime example). YapStone differentiates by going deep into these complex verticals, and catering to the needs of smaller, fragmented merchants.