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“6 Ways to Give Your Technology Business a Spring Cleaning” is written by YapStone.

Spring has officially arrived, and with it comes flowers, new beginnings, and the desire to deep clean everything you own. If you’re doing some spring cleaning this year, make sure you don’t overlook the dust bunnies that may have built up in your business – whether they come in the form of outdated systems, an overflowing email box, or inefficient processes.

As a leading Fintech company, YapStone understands that keeping a clean business is paramount in protecting sensitive information and delivering innovative products. Here are 6 important insights to cleaning up your tech business:

Find what fits

It’s likely you own an article of clothing that has been sitting in your closet for years unworn. It doesn’t fit anymore, but for some reason, you keep holding on to it. Aspects of our businesses can be similar. Maybe it’s a partnership that has become stagnant and no longer adds value to your company, or perhaps it’s an office space your team has outgrown. No matter the reason, if there are areas of your business that are just taking up space, it might be time to move on.

When YapStone first established a European headquarters in Ireland, they opened their doors with a small office in the Dublin suburb of Ballsbridge. But it wasn’t long before they had to scout out a new space to accommodate their growing team. “Our relocation to a 16,000 sq ft office in Drogheda has been prosperous – although, once again, our office space is being quickly outgrown,” says Peter Rowan, VP of International Operations and Global Customer Support. Moving on isn’t easy, but it can be necessary – and certainly exciting.

Tighten up security measures

It’s no secret that the Fintech industry is experiencing enormous growth, with venture capital investments expected to exceed $150B in 2017. But with great growth comes the need to heighten security measures against the risk of fraud and cyberattacks. Arjun Thusu, Chief Security Officer at YapStone, attests the importance of data security in an increasingly complex payments landscape. For the 6th consecutive year, YapStone exceeded industry security standards with PCI level 1 compliance – evidence of Thusu and his team’s relentless commitment to information security.

Make safeguarding your company a priority this spring by understanding the threats and taking necessary precautions to protect important data. Keep an open dialogue with regulators to decide best security measures to implement and work on educating new consumers and employees on ways they can ward off threats. Thusu says that being aware of the risks is the first step in security standards.

Tidy your email inbox

A cluttered email inbox can be like an overflowing laundry basket – the more that it builds, the more intimidating it becomes to address. But you’ll be surprised at how little time it takes to clean up your inbox ­and how much renewed peace you gain in getting organized. Start by creating new folders, then delete emails that are no longer relevant, archive those you may want to recall, and set reminders on outstanding correspondences.

Take your cleaning one step further by adopting more effective forms of communication. Not every conversation requires a subject line and a long email chain. For instance, YapStone team members rely on Slack – an instant messaging app that that allows teams to chat, send files, share code, and post updates via their desktop or mobile device. Principal Engineer, Aaron Whiteside, says, says the app helps him prevent email hell and provides a rich backdrop that gives meaning and context to his communication.

Clean up your processes and systems

Messy processes and outdated systems can slow productivity and put your employees at risk of making critical errors. Keeping organized systems is especially important for Fintech companies dealing with sensitive data and high-level product updates. Audit the systems you regularly rely on and ask if they are working as effectively as they can be.  Clean up complicated workflows and set more efficient methods to follow.

YapStone dev teams utilize the project tracking tool, JIRA, to capture the state of the system at any given point. Since the platform is a “watering hole” of sorts, where employees from all different teams gather to track information, Arpita Bhayani, Senior QA Manager at YapStone, and her team, wanted to make it more user friendly. Bhayani says the improvements her team made have been so successful that other teams are beginning to migrate to the new flow.

But before you get overwhelmed thinking you have to tackle an entire system, start by making incremental improvements. Bhayani says building effective systems is a process. Rather than building the whole thing at once, start piece by piece, one step at a time.

Refresh your website

Did your parents ever tell you that a messy room reflected a messy mind? In business, the same can be true of what a cluttered or confusing website says about your company. Consider cleaning up your site by giving it a design deep clean. Decide “persona pathways” for potential visitors and design pages and sequences that will more effectively help them get the information they are looking for.

Refreshing the look and feel of your site without optimizing the way it works on the back end is like sweeping dust under the rug – so make sure yours is integrated with any software your company or clients rely on. If you have various product offerings or cater to clients from different industries, expand your contact page with preliminary questions. This will save you time in the onboarding process.

Expand your team

Nothing brings new life to a business like the energy of new hires. New employees bring a fresh perspective and may notice areas of your business you may be overlooking. Or there might be tasks that you have been unable to tackle because they require bringing a real expert on board to help. Don’t be afraid to look at the areas that have been neglected and recognize they might require more support.

To support the company’s recent growth, YapStone expanded its management team with payments and technology industry veterans. From management to entry level, the company has hired over 100 employees in the last year. Says Tom Villante, YapStone Chairman, CEO and Co-founder, “We’ve been focusing on building the best team in payments. From product, to risk management, to security and customer success, we’ve covered every angle to ensure we deliver the best products for our partners.”

As spring blooms, you can set yourself up for success this season by making sure your business is well-kept. Say goodbye to outgrown ventures, take time to clean your email inbox, and welcome new systems and faces. Cleaning up your tech business won’t feel like a chore when you start reaping the benefits of a better functioning business.