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“10 Women in Tech We Admire” written by Debra Tenenbaum, EVP/Chief People Officer, YapStone.

As a pioneer of the fintech movement, at YapStone, we’re continually on the lookout for top talent making waves in their industry. As an equal opportunities provider, we’re keenly aware that some of the smartest innovators in the tech industry today are women. It’s a powerful statement for the technology sector to see more positions being filled by females in a previously male-dominated world.

So, let’s check out some of the power women currently raising the bar. Here is our top ten list of influential, innovative women in tech that we admire (in no particular order):

1. Shellye Archambeau

Shellye Archambeau is CEO of MetricStream, a firm that takes the headache out of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) for startups and digital companies. With Shellye at the helm, MetricStream has grown voraciously into the world market leading, innovative company it is today. A passionate and experienced leader, she has proven global business expertise and is a valued member of the board of directors for the Silicon Valley Leadership Group.

Shelleye is instrumental in encouraging cooperation between business and government officials, smoothing the path for new technology companies. This power lady is also on the board of directors of Nordstrom, as well as serving on the board of directors of Verizon Communications. Shellye was named number 2 on Business Insider’s “Most Influential African American in Technology” in 2013.

2. Michal Segalov

One of Google’s most famous Software Engineering Managers, Michal has been working with the internet giant since 2007. Helping to make Android phones better by working on Google Play, she’s also supporting greater participation from women in tech. Michal co-created the Mind The Gap program for female software engineers, encouraging high school girls to follow computer science and math as a major. Speaking to the next generation of women in tech, Michal is helping level the playing field today and into the future.

3. Angela Ahrendts

Apple’s SVP of both retail and online stores since 2014, Angela is 15th on the Forbes 100 Power Women list. With an annual pay package of around $25 million, the former Burberry CEO is the first woman to make it onto Apple CEO Tim Cook’s executive team. Angela aims to integrate Apple stores into our daily lives, in the same way as their handhelds, keeping bricks and mortar stores relevant. But here’s something really cool about this inspirational lady. She was a member of the UK Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Council from 2010 to 2015, making her one of the most influential players around.

4. Clare Flynn Levy

Heading up the Women in Fintech Power List for 2016, Clare is Founder & CEO of financial software company, Essentia Analytics. Using behavioral data analytics to help people make more informed investing decisions. Being raised to not take no for an answer, Clare started Essentia to help solve a problem that she was facing in her own life. How to take away some of the confusion and guesswork from investing. She’s also made a point of focusing on the company culture of Essentia by treating everyone with equal respect, rather than a “command and control” style environment.

5. Sheryl Sandberg

Facebook’s infamous COO has been named the most powerful woman in tech by Forbes for five consecutive years, and seventh on the World’s 100 Most Powerful Women list. But that’s not the only reason we get weak at the knees when we hear her name. It’s not just her huge brain and fortune to match (valued at $1.4 billion) that make Sheryl such an incredible role model. She actively speaks out about the importance of equality and female empowerment in the workplace, without ignoring a woman’s right to enjoy a balanced home life as well.

6. Sukhinder Singh Cassidy

Creator of theBoardlist, Sukhinder is dedicated to helping startups and private companies find top female talent, in particular, as independent board directors. The list is based on recommendations from a team of successful Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and already includes 1,000 qualified women. With the aim of helping businesses achieve better performance through diversity of talent, Sukhinder experienced Silicon Valley sexism first hand and is passionate about championing a change.

7. Bozoma Saint John

Bozoma was dubbed “the coolest person to ever go on stage at an Apple event” by BuzzFeed this year, as she had the audience rapping to a Sugarhill Gang tune. As Head of Global Consumer Marketing for Apple Music and iTunes, Bozoma built her career in the entertainment tech industry, and formerly built Pepsi’s music and entertainment marketing group. All Apple Music users are thankful to Bozoma for her revamp of its features, like added lyrics that let us sing along with the music!

8. Jennifer Medbery

The 29-year-old Founder and CEO of Kickboard is leading the way for women in the edtech space. As a software developer, Jennifer made the Forbes 30 Under 30 list and spent three years working as a teacher of high school math before starting up her own successful endeavour. Kickboard is designed as a supportive tool for teachers, allowing them to make better decisions based on data about each student. Having seen for herself firsthand the struggles that educators face, Jennifer is committed to making a difference in their lives and those of the next generation as well.

9. Idit Harel

Another female edtech pioneer, Dr. Idit Harel is an Israeli-American tech entrepreneur bringing advanced coding education to schools. Rather than preparing students for traditional roles that may not exist by the time they start their careers, Idit is shaking up the curriculum and teaching skills that will help workers of tomorrow find their place among AI and robotic technology. As an award-winning scientist, Idit is CEO of several startups, with Globaloria focusing on making computer science accessible to all.

10. Claire Calmejane

Another fintech leading lady after our hearts is Claire Calmejane is Director of Innovation at Lloyds Banking Group. What’s so cool about Claire? She’s tasked with making this banking giant’s products fresh and relevant to Lloyd’s massive customer base. With a degree in Computer Engineering, Claire joined Lloyds in 2012 and helped to digitalize one of Europe’s largest banks. With her heart set on innovation above all, she initiated Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) Innovation Labs, a kind of internal sandbox in which strategic investments are de-risked and new startup technology is put to test. Claire is also is a mentor and board member at Startupbootcamp FinTech, helping to encourage more bright minds and especially women to realize their fintech ambitions.

With so many awesome women excelling in the tech space, from fintech and entertainment, to marketplaces and social media, we are emerging into a time where it is becoming less difficult to find female role models to admire – and we’re all for it! Hopefully this year will show the greatest numbers of women in tech yet and, thanks to these pioneering women listed, they are forging a path forward for more women to follow.