Getting comfortable with reinvention.

YapStone recently hosted a Tech Talk on “Building a Great Engineering Culture” with our new SVP of Engineering, Tim Armandpour. We asked Tim to share his perspective on the top three values every tech team should embrace.

Today, he talks about:

“Getting Comfortable With Reinvention”

Technologists strive to solve difficult problems and invent products.  As the SVP of Engineering and Technology, I love to invent, and reinvent over and over again.  We often find ourselves juggling prioritization of short-term needs with longer-term initiatives.  Both are important for maintaining customer satisfaction and managing your team’s morale effectively.  I’ve experienced the challenges of dealing with one side winning too often over another and how much fun it can be when a balance is struck.

In order to avoid boredom in your teams and stagnation in your technology, we must be unafraid to fix things that appear to be working, because everything can be done better.  No shame in doing things over, as long as we are tenacious and focused on making it right.   With software, we need to embrace refactoring more often.  Next time you set foot in another area of code, do yourself and the rest of us a favor, and leave it in a better place than when you found it.  Get comfortable with reinvention.  Your customers will love you for this.  Look at Tesla for example; they’ve disrupted and reinvented the automobile industry, and earned themselves legions of loyal customers who think of themselves as fans.