A Tour of the YapStone Offices


To accommodate a rapidly growing team, YapStone recently moved into brand new headquarters in Walnut Creek. Occupying one floor and 35,444 square feet of space on California Blvd, the new office space is a reflection of YapStone’s new team and new brand identity.

Facilities Manager Katie Strain explains, “Offices need to be flexible and so we designed many elements within the office to be multifunctional. Many of the work spaces are part desk, part meeting space, part living room, and even a bit of restaurant. The space seamlessly incorporates all of these functions so that team employees can move from an Excel spreadsheet to a fresh cup of coffee and a ping pong game within minutes. No matter what an employee or team needs, there is a resource available – from a bright huddle room, to a high-tech conference room, a place where you can put your feet up, or even a stroll to the Patio so you can (metaphorically) catch some rays.”

Take a tour of our office:


Upon entering YapStone HQ, visitors are greeted at our reception area and will immediately notice the bold “Powering Payments” tagline . The office design shows off YapStone’s brand values and status as a power player in the payments world.

“We spent an incredible amount of time planning our new space to foster collaboration, creativity, and professionalism. Our iconic “Yap stone” concentric circles are ubiquitous, symbolizing our roots in creative movements of money, and the strong security of our platform,” said Chairman  & CEO Tom Villante.


Dough  is a casual conference room where teams can meet to talk through a project or approach a challenge. “We want people to walk into the room, lose some tension, and have a laugh or two before solving their problems”, said Katie. There are currently 7 rooms for meetings, 8 huddle rooms for impromptu chats or private phone calls, and a variety of seating for Yapsters to take advantage of. This is nearly double what the company had at its previous space.

All rooms in the office are named after forms of currency, inspired by YapStone’s own name sake from the island of Yap. Other names include “Bitcoin”, “Euro” and “Moola”.


Need to grab supplies and a cup of coffee? Both are available at either “The Vault” or “Perk” stations, which are positioned to be within reach for anyone in the office.


Stocked with an endless supply of snacks, refreshments and Philz coffee, the Yap Cafe provides an opportunity for team members to connect for the first time or catch up. The open seating, community picnic table, and window bar can accommodate people who want to enjoy their lunch solo or in a big group.


The company’s mantras and values are splashed all over the office, which serve as motivational reminders that we are all here to change how the world pays. This also serves as encouragement for teams to collaborate more intensely and accomplish things beyond their imagination.


The most popular features of the office include the patio and the ping pong room, two areas that promote a stress-free break. Additionally, every person who leaves the office is thanked and reminded that their contribution is valued, because without the passion, commitment, and partnership of its dedicated team, we could not change how the world pays.

YapStone currently employs over 250+ employees across three offices in Walnut Creek, Santa Monica, and Drogheda. In the year ahead, YapStone will be revealing exciting updates in areas of product and partnerships.


The space was designed by Courtney Campbell of Campbell Creative.