11 Financial Companies Hiring Now

[“11 Financial Companies Hiring Now” originally appeared on glassdoor and is written by Amy Elisa Jackson.]

In spite of Brexit and fluctuating markets, the financial sector is hiring at record levels. Don’t believe us? Glassdoor’s Chief Economist Andrew Chamberlain weighed in on this month’s jobs report and things are looking good. “[August’s] jobs report revealed a U.S. economy that surged ahead in July, creating 255,000 new jobs,” he wrote. “This marks the second consecutive strong monthly jobs report, in which the economy has performed much better than economists predicted.”

In fact, financial sector employers have added a whopping 162,000 jobs to payrolls in the last 12 months.

So what does this mean for job seekers looking to land gigs at banks or financial investment firms? Polish your resume and start interview prep. Here’s who’s hiring on Glassdoor. Ready, set, apply!

1. Visa

Company Rating: 2.8

About them: Named the highest paying financial company on Glassdoor, Visa has over 11,000 team members and a product that is accepted in a whopping 200 countries. Glassdoor reports that the median base salary at Visa is $130,000 and the median total compensation, taking into account benefits, is $150,000. Aside from top-notch pay, employees say that Visa has an inclusive culture, promotes equality between genders, and features a clearly inspiring vision.

Employee feedback“Visa has a great brand with consumers. The recently opened Visa University (2015) is a nice learning facility at the HQ. Subsidized cafeteria and onsite gym at HQ and Austin locations. Not sure if this is a pro, but there are a lot of inflated titles which is great for resume but leads to a lot of VP’s reporting to VP’s and a top heavy organization.” – Former Human Resources Director in Foster City, CA

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2. E*Trade

Company Rating: 2.9

About them: Having executed the first-ever electronic trade by an individual investor more than 30 years ago, E’Trade has long been at the forefront of the digital revolution, offering easy-to-use solutions for individual investors and stock plan participants. With 3,400 employees in 30 branches across the U.S., this New York-based company is ideal for employees who want to be a part of a fast-moving and niche financial company.

Employee feedback“If you are talented and can meet and exceed expectations you will quickly learn a lot of what is in place. The environment used to be very friendly and teamwork used to have a heavy percentage of performance. However, the senior management focus has shifted over time since the current CEO came on board, and there is a heavier shift toward doing what senior management want instead of what may make more sense at grass root level.” – Former Employee 

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3. Wells Fargo

Company Rating: 3.4

About them: Get help paying for college or secure your first home mortgage. Wells Fargo is pivotal in many American’s major life moments. They have become one of the nation’s largest financial institutions, serving one in three U.S. households and employing approximately one in 600 working Americans. They have team members in 36 countries, serving 70 million customers in more than 130 countries around the world. If you’re looking for a company that will allow you to travel the world, consider Wells Fargo.

Employee feedback“I’ve been with the company for about a year now. So far, I love it. The support I have is great. They are always helping me with advancement with the company. Would recommend a career with Wells Fargo.” – Full-Time Teller

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4. American Express

Company Rating: 3.6

About them: Open, creative, risk-taking, collaborative and innovative are just some of the expressions you’ll hear from current employees at American Express. An ever-improving company culture makes American Express an outstanding place to work, and a big part of why they regularly win best workplace awards all over the world, from Fortune Magazine to Glassdoor.

Employee feedback“Great pay, work/life balance, benefits. Job growth opportunities, good environment, diverse employees [and] great people to work with. Though it’s a financial company, but the team works like technology company. A company which respects technology and way the product is getting developed.” – Quality Assurance Engineer in Phoenix, AZ

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5. Credit Suisse

Company Rating: 3.6

About them: Credit Suisse is a leading global wealth manager that advises clients in all aspects of finance, in all time zones and all over the world. Headquartered in New York City, their core strengths are described as “its position as a leading global wealth manager, its specialist investment banking capabilities and its strong presence in our home market of Switzerland.”

Employee feedback“The culture and people at Credit Suisse are fantastic. There are great mobility opportunities both within and between locations. HR is structured in such a way as to provide good experience across multiple SME areas.” – Human Resources Business Partner in New York, NY

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6. YapStone

Company Rating: 2.9

About them: A fresh player in the industry of “FinTech” (aka financial technology),YapStone is a global provider of online and mobile payment solutions for global marketplaces and large vertical markets. With over 360 full-time employees in multiple California (Bay Area and Santa Monica) offices, YapStone most recently expanded its international operations to a 16,000 square-foot office in Drogheda, Ireland. Employees say it has all the perks of a Silicon Valley start-up with the financial influence of a Wall Street player.

Employee feedback“I started in the company around Oct 2015. There are lots of great people in the company that are willing to help each other. Monthly all hands by the leadership team to provide pulse of the business.Weekly Thursday socials. Lots of new technology changes happening like migrating to public cloud, Puppet, New Relic and working on Next Gen Technology to we can scale for the amazing business opportunity in front of us. SF City office, Austin Office, Santa Monica and Ireland to attract the right talent for the growing company.” – Current Technology Employee in Walnut Creek, CA

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7. Capital One

Company Rating: 3.7

About them: Known for it’s trendy and pop culture attitude, Capital One is beloved by employees. According to insiders, Capital One provides associates with a dynamic environment combined with the values of excellence and doing what’s right. They take pride in encouraging associates to think independently in a collaborative setting and to present creative ideas to senior management. If you’re looking for a financial company with energy, this is it.

Employee feedback: “Fantastic work/life balance, the ability to work remotely for some roles, fun work environment, great company culture and values, corporate citizenship and volunteerism, open communication, visibility to and from leadership, onsite campus amenities (cafes, gym, health center), great benefits, awesome people and opportunities for training and growth.” – Anonymous Employee in Plano, TX

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8. Waddell & Reed

Company Rating: 3.5

About them: Founded in 1937, Waddell & Reed is one of the most enduring financial services firms in the U.S. Providing proven, professional investment management and financial planning services to individuals and institutional investors. Join one of three sectors of the company: Advisors channel (focusing on retirement, education, insurance and estate planning needs); Wholesale channel (working directly with broker/dealers); or the Institutional channel (focusing on benefit plans, pension plans and endowments).

Employee feedback“Waddell & Reed is taking major steps to becoming sustainable and a leader in the financial services industry as it relates to how it utilizes technology. The company puts an emphasis on building a relationship with the clients and using a comprehensive financial planning process instead of simply selling products. There is the potential to make a lot of money as the pay is based on commissions and fees.” – Former Financial Advisor

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9. Fidelity Investments

Company Rating: 3.9

About them: The Boston-headquartered institution is one of the biggest on the list, boasting 23 million people trusting their investments with the company. Fidelity’s core principles of responsibility, integrity, compassion and expertise attract the financial industry’s top talent and employees review the company positively for career opportunities and professional growth. As a bonus, Fidelity’s CEO, Abby Johnson, has a 94% approval rating on Glassdoor, which, studies show, improves the overall company culture.

Employee feedback“The benefits are incredible. Fidelity offers great 401k plans, corporate perks and impeccable developmental programs, this company is such an amazing place to work. People are very supportive in this organization and genuinely want to see you grow. Networking plays a big role at Fidelity, its all about who you know when it comes to advancing to the next step in your career so the more people you meet the better.” – Current employee

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10. Bank of America

Company Rating: 3.4

About them: With strong selection of online tools, an impressive network of branches and ATMs, and diverse checking account options, Bank of America is one of the top go-to destinations for personal banking and individual finance. It boasts three weeks vacation and two weeks of sick time off for most employees, and very competitive health benefits which supports their claim, “At Bank of America, our most important asset is our people.”

Employee feedback“Good working environment. As you expect from matured company, good processes in place for career development. Company invests a lot in employee learning and development, lots of opportunities if you are looking for a change. Competitive benefits.” – Current employee

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11. Edward Jones

Company Rating: 3.6

About them: From investments to insurance, Edward Jones serves over 7 million investors across the globe. They are headquartered in Saint Louis, MO and are best known for bringing a personal approach to business. And in addition to valuing their clients, employees speak highly about the company culture. For example, associates and leaders across divisions partner to integrate inclusion and diversity into the everyday practices of the firm.

Employee feedback: “My work entails becoming a valuable part of someone’s life, helping them navigate life’s ups and downs and really making a meaningful difference in their pursuit of reaching their financial goals and accomplish their dreams. I do this with great pride and satisfaction. And because I have been doing it for a considerable time, and because I do it well, I am compensated beyond what most people could ever dream of being paid. There is so much negative press about our profession, about Wall Street greed, about taking advantage of others for personal benefit and I realize that those critics, for the most part, just don’t get it. And, yes, the money is great, but the real satisfaction is knowing the difference you made in someone’s life.” – Financial Advisor in Port Townsend, WA

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