Online Payment Services

Online Payment Services: Electronic Convenience in the Digital Age

Online payment services are offered by payment service providers to entities looking to accept electronic payments. Methods of payment include credit cards, debit cards and electronic checks, also known as ACH. Usually, online payment processing service providers make use of a software as a service (SaaS) model and form a single payment gateway for their clients to multiple payment methods.

In offering online payment services, providers connect to multiple acquiring banks, credit card issuers, and payment networks, and often manage technical connections and relationships with external networks and bank accounts. This makes merchants less dependent on financial institutions and saves them from having to establish connections themselves. Furthermore, by negotiating bulk deals, online payments service providers can frequently offer lower fees.


3 Principal Methods of Accepting Online Payments

Credit Card

Credit cards are payment cards customers can use as a method of payment to pay for goods and services based on their commitment to pay in the future. Merchants can use credit cards to accept payments. In order to receive payment via credit cards, merchants partner with online payment service providers such as YapStone.

Debit Card

Debit cards, aka check cards, are an extremely convenient payment method for consumers looking for an easy way to make payments for products and services. Instead of using cash or old-fashioned checks, cardholders can pay merchants that are set up to accept payment via debit cards. Merchants partner with online payment services providers in order to be able to receive payments from consumers using debit cards.


ACH is short for Automated Clearing House. ACH makes use of debit transfers or electronic credits that allow consumers to pay for goods and services from their bank accounts. Many online payment service companies provide the option of ACH as a way for end users to conveniently pay for monthly and subscription-based transactions. More and more merchants are beginning to prefer ACH payments over credit and debit card payments.


YapStone: Replacing Paper Checks with Online Payment Services

YapStone offers top online payment services across multiple industries that give you the ability to receive online payments. And that gives your customers the convenience they demand in a world that’s moving away from the use of cash and the paper check. YapStone works with a wide range of valued partners that rely on our online payment services to eliminate the hassle and inconvenience of outmoded methods of payment.

From flexible pricing to multiple payment channels to mitigated charge-back risks, YapStone provides the best online payment services that are the envy of the industry. We’re ready to partner with you in simplifying your payment process so you can focus on your business, confident that you’re continuing to develop loyal customers who appreciate what you do.

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